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Berkey Gravity Fed Water Filter Parts

Posted on 06 March 2017

Berkey Water Filters OverviewBerkey water filter


Berkey Gravity Fed Water Filter Systems - the water filter of choice.

Each Berkey® system consists of an upper and lower chamber. Water is poured into the top chamber, where gravity pushes it into the filters. The purified water collects in the lower chamber, where it can be dispensed through a spigot.

Berkey Parts:

When you receive your Berkey it will have these main parts in it.

  1. Lower water chamber with Spigot - this is where the purified water will rest.
  2. Upper chamber - this is where you will place raw water to be filtered.
  3. Two Black Berkey purification elements with one washer and wingnut each. These are installed in the upper chamber.
  4. Priming button - VERY IMPORTANT part, DO NOT LOSE THIS PART. You will use it to prime your Black Berkey elements both when you receive the unit new and every time you clean the Black Berkey elements.
  5. The cover - You will need to install the little black knob that comes with the Berkey. Then place the cover on the upper chamber after you have filled the chamber with raw water.
  6. Blocking plugs - there are two (4 - Imperial and 6 - Crown) provided with each system. These are installed in the remaining openings of the upper chamber if you are using two Black Berkey elements. PLEASE NOTE: The blocking plugs shown are the white screw-on type. These are being upgraded to a simpler black plug type. You may receive either style with your system.

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