How to Prime the BB9 Black Berkey Filters

Posted by Cora Herman on

Priming the Black Berkey Filters is one of the most important steps in properly setting up your new Berkey Water Filter. One of the more common user errors is not forcing the water to actually bubble through the sides of the filters. It can be a little wet with water spray likely and that water can make it very difficult to know if the Berkey filters are primed properly.

Here is a trick we've learned over the years. Fill a large bowl with water. When you think you have primed the filter, place the primed filter into the bowl... it should pretty much sink to the bottom because a properly primed filter is basically water logged with little buoyancy. Typically, one side of the Berkey filter may tend to float higher than the other. Not to worry as long as the majority of the Berkey filter is well underwater. Enjoy!