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Sprite Chromed Brass Chlorine Shower Filter

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  • I am very interested in purchasing one of your shower head filters, but I am not sure which one is best. Is the metal one a cover for the white one shown separately or does the metal one have a different kind of filter. Does the metal one work as well as the other one? I have to have a hand held shower head so which one would be best for me? And what else does it take out of the water besides chlorine?

    Hi there
    Those are great questions. The metal filter is a chromed brass unit, the white is a plastic unit. They both empl;oy the same KDF-55 technology for filtration. In terms of use with handhelds, they would both be about the same, the metal might be a little sturdier because it is metal and it is smaller. The filters are designed to reduce chlorine from hot water - they are not really designed to remove any other contaminants. Thank you and I hope this is helpful.


Solid brass chlorine shower head filters with shiny chrome finish. Sprite's advanced KDF-55 high temperature filtration media is ideal for showers and removes chlorine to minimize skin irritation and inhalation of noxious chlorine gas. The solid robust brass filter case can be reused by refilling with available chlorine removal cartridges. Sign up for annual auto-ship so you never have to shower in chlorine again. Good for 1 year / 20000 gallons.

Shower head is not included. This chlorine shower filter fits between the wall and your existing shower head. 

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