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Berkey Light (2.7 Gallons)

* California Approved Berkey Water Filter * 

This Berkey Gravity Water Filter is one of the only Berkey Water Filters to be certified for sale in every state in the USA including California. The Berkey Light Water Filter is the largest Berkey water filter approved to ship to California. Like the Big Berkey water filter, these Berkey water filters use the BB9 Black Berkey filters tested to NSF standards.

Due to California certification regulations only three Berkey Filter models are manufacturer approved for shipment to California:

  • The Berkey Light Water Filter - the 2.75 gallon BPA/BPS Free Berkey Water Filter made in California
  • The Travel Berkey Water Filter - the 1½ gallon water filter and the only Stainless Steel Berkey water filter approved for sale in California... 0.5 gallons smaller than the Big Berkey water filter and easier to transport
  • The Go Berkey Kit - the 1 quart Berkey water filter with sport bottle for the outdoor enthusiast. Perfect for environmental enthusiasts in California.

The Berkey Light water filter has more capacity than the Big Berkey water filter and is the perfect water purifier to ship to California. Manufactured in California, it meets California water requirements and is approved to be shipped to California. The BPA/BPS free finish is hardy, doesn't get smear marks or dents and most importantly... you can can see exactly how much water you have available in the lower chamber. Because of this, the Berkey light should be located away from direct sunlight.

Berkey Light water filter - premium gravity fed water filter and kitchen countertop water filter


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Berkey Black Carbon Filter


6000 gallons per pair

Super Stearasyl

Berkey Ceramic Water Filter

Good 1000 gallons per pair


Berkey Diatomaceous Earth Filter

Better 3000 gallons per pair





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