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  • Berkey Filter - Berkey 9-inch Earth Replacement Filter Set - For Berkey Water Filtration System filtering fluoride, lead, arsenic, and sediment - BerkeyFiltersUSA


Berkey Filter 9-inch Earth Replacement Filter (1 PAIR)

$ 80.00 $ 85.00



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  • How does the earth filter compare to the black filter in removal of man-made contaminants?

    The Berkey Earth Technology is a great performer and provides a truly great value for most people costing almost $40 less than the black filter pairs. Man-made contaminants are dealt with at levels consistent with the black filter. Differences are less than 0.009%. We provide the independent test results here. With typical reductions of 99.9% and the lowest measure being 99%, you can trust the Berkey Earth to provide you with fresh, clean, healthy water.
    Berkey Filters Earth Test Results
    Berkey Filters Black Test Results

  • How many gallons will the earth filter clean before recommended replacement?

    That's a great question! Each Berkey Earth filter will provide up to 3,000 gallons of filtered water. 

  • I have the large berkley. Need new filters. Live is a small suburban city in FL What do I need?

    Hello - We have a bundle that would be a good match for you. it's discounted from buying each separately and so it's a good savings. It comes with 2 black purifier filters and 2 white fluoride filters. Click the following link to see the bundled savings: Replacement Berkey Filter Bundle - Save Now Hope this is helpful - have a great evening.


Berkey Filters Newest Premium Filter

The newest natural Berkey filter formulated from natural diatomaceous earth and granulated activated charcoal. The most powerful gravity filter element available anywhere.

  • Experience the newest and most powerful filter technology developed by New Millennium Concepts Ltd., the makers of Berkey Water Filters
  • Pure fresh water at a fraction of the price of any other existing gravity filter
  • Micro-Filtration Technology. Tested to reduce contaminants to bacterial level
  • Chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, VOC’s, THM’s, heavy metals and more are easily reduced to 99.9%

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