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  • Berkey Filter Hand Primer - For Berkey Water Filtration System filtering fluoride, lead, arsenic, and sediment - BerkeyFiltersUSA


Berkey Filter Hand Primer

$ 24.99



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  • Hello Do you have a BERKEY FILTER HAND PRIMER for the fluoride filters? Thanks Mario

    Hi there. The Berkey PF2 and PF4 fluoride filters do not need priming. They do need to be rinsed/purged when newly installed only and a small tan priming washer is provided in the package for that purpose. Thank you and have a great day!


  • A hand pump to prime BB9 Black Berkey filters without the need for faucets or hoses.
  • Perfect for priming your BB9 Black Berkey filter when there is no running water available
  • If you have a small sink or short faucet, the Black Berkey Primer makes it easy to prime your Black Berkey® Purification Elements
  • The Black Berkey Primer also purges the BB9 Black Berkey filters using air instead of water to clean the pores of the carbon filter wall.
  • Specifically designed for use with the BB9 Black Berkey® Purification Elements
  • May be cleaned with mild soap and warm water.
  • Store in a cool dry place and keep out of direct sunlight

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